A sip of Leadership, Communication and Project Management



– Mihail Musat and Lucian Ghinda started the day with a training called “How to put your ideas into practice”, followed by Madalin Matica, Catalin Stefanescu, Cristian Andrei and Ovidiu Gavrilovici.

– the day ends with a wonderful evening where the delegates will experience the fin art of wine tasting.


Development with a side dish of fun


29th of July:

– the delegates met Marius Ghenea, Madalin Matica, Mihail Musat, Lucian Ghinda, Cristian Dinu and Paula Vlad, who held their sessions on “Entrepreneurship, resources for growth”, “E-marketing”, “How to communicate with your team and stakeholders”, “Risk management, theory and practice” and “Intercultural Communication”.

– the day ended with an alfresco meal in the University Campus and two whole hours of fun and games.

Debating cultural sensitivity


28th of July:

– Gheorghe Plesu, Iulian Olariu, Ilie Dragan, Andreea Marc, Deniz Senelt and Ostin Mungiu held presentations on Leadership, Project Management, Communication and Personal Development.

– later on, the delegates have placed themselves in the shoes of well known stereotipes and had an intense debate on several interesting subjects.



I like the idea of multiculturality and I’m glad that it’s happening in Iasi. The young  generation that live and study here should participate each year at Iashington Conference  because they will leave each time with a complex experience , with positive behavior changes and with a lot of international friends .

Speaker at Iashington 2010

Testimonial by Andrea Marc

IASHINGTON 2010 has begun!


Here are some updates and of course photos from the press conference!

26th of July 2010:

– we held the press conference with our special guests: Alexandru Negurici (President of AIESEC Iasi), Ovidiu Sandu (Daris Consulting representative, President of JCI Iasi), Deiz Senelt (head trainer JCI Turkey), Dr. Mohamed Daoud (Oriental Cultural Center representative), Caroline Maiwald (President of AIESEC Berlin) and Nicoleta Diaconescu (IASHINGTON 2010 coordinator).

– the delegates later on had the opening ceremony, where they were informed about the details of this years edition of IASHINGTON International Conference. After the opening ceremony, they spent the rest of the day in a Get To Know Each Other session and, of course, networking.

27th of July:

– the delegates started the day by learning a few things about personal branding, entrepreneurship, communication and leadership with speakers such as Ciprian Gavriliu, Lazslo Pacso, Bogdan Olteanu, Dragos Bucurenci, Valentin Deac.

– after an intense day of training, the delegates will loosen up in Trabant Cafe, because we are going to have the Garage Party!

Stay tuned and find out more!

Latest update on IASHINGTON conference fee


Thanks to the collaboration agreements with different partners the IASHINGTON 2010 conference fee has been reduced, as followed:

  • For the international delegates, the conference fee is 150 EUROS

This will cover the accomodations during the conference, 3 meals/day, entry to all the events that will be daily organized, session participation and coffee break.

  • For the delegates from Romania, the conference fee is 100 EUROS

This will cover the accomodations during the conference, 3 meals/day, entry to all the events that will be daily organized, session participation and coffee break.

  • For the delegates from Iasi, the conference fee is 50 EUROS

This will only cover the session participation, the coffee breaks, lunch and entry to all the events that will be daily organized.

Due to the new fee pricing policy, no other discounts will be available!

Application reminder – 10 days left


Hurry up and apply for the 2010 IASHINGTON international conference. There are 10 days left to apply for the biggest international conference this summer has to offer!

The speakers are ready for you and the organizing committee is anxious to meet you in person!

Don’t forget about our special offer:

  • bring a friend, and you will recieve 25% discount on the conference fee;
  • bring more than two friends and the discount will be a major 50%;

IMPORTANT! In order to recieve the discount, please advise your friend to specify your name at the end of the essay in the application form (question no.9).